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Most of this stuff is from the early days, although the Mimikyu toy on the left is only a couple of years old, and the small Mew and Mewtwo figure is from a trading card set celebrating Pokémon's 20th anniversary.

Pokémon history: Being a kid during the craze

Good lord, Pokémon is turning 25 this Saturday. North American fans may feel like that sounds wrong, but that date corresponds with the Japanese release…

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This man tried in vain to shield himself from that which has made him become the Joker. Or so I imagine. The original image, which I cropped, is by Mehrshad Rezaei from Pixabay.

It’s 2021. Why are people threatening to become the Joker?

The Joker is a destructive, attention-seeking, self-obsessed edgelord like the ones that have made using certain parts the internet an absolute hell. He’s bad for…

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I've always wanted to create bizarre stock photos for this site, and now I've finally done it. Note the games I discuss are not pictured as I own both digitally. Oh well.

That video game you want has a best-before date

I’m terrible at playing video games in a timely fashion. Most of the games I play are a couple years old, and I usually choose them because they happened to be on sale. Saving money is the main benefit of this strategy, but it’s not without its downsides. The main one is that art can come with a best-before date, and often games don’t go on sale until they’ve reached that point.

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Graphic design is my passion. Let me know in the comments the art you would have used for this story.

Review scores suck and we need to abandon them

Reviews are everywhere. They provide entertainment, spark debate, and help consumers make informed purchases. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a video game without reading or watching some reviews first. Hell, before I buy anything, I like to see what people are saying about it. Based on the number of YouTubers, bloggers, and magazines that have built their brands mainly around reviews of various stuff, I imagine I’m not alone. I expect I am alone, however, when it comes to my feelings about review scores.

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One of the differences between blogs and radio is that old radios are cool collectors items, while old blogs usually represent a medium in its awkward teenage phase. Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay.

Lessons in the differences between blogs and radio

I’ve been back at this blogging thing for a few months now and I’m enjoying it a lot more than I did the first time around. The issue back in 2016-17 was that I was used to Media Are Plural existing as a community radio show. It was a challenge to come up with content ideas for a completely different medium, and I mostly just wished Toronto had an institution like Trent Radio where I could keep doing what, at the time, I did best: make weird radio content. It turns out there are many differences between blogs and radio. Who knew?

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Not a lot of good, free images available that illustrate video games that feel like work. This Playstation 5 controller was photographed by Sergey Galyonkin and made available under CC BY-SA 2.0. I cropped this image slightly.

I need to complain about video games that feel like work

Let’s talk about video games that feel like work. There is much discussion about gamification – a strategy of making work easier by making it feel like a game – but what about workification? That’s a new term I’ve coined and will never again use to describe video games that have stripped away all the fun to leave only repetitive tasks to be completed for minimal gain. There are many reasons developers might workify their games. All should be rethought.

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Not exactly a Royal Flush, but I'll take it.

I made a story mode for my favourite card games

I had a lot of time on my hands over the holidays. That’s the only way to explain how we ended up here. During those many free hours, I wondered whether I could create stories that correspond with the gameplay of various card games. Basically, I wanted to see whether I could create a story mode for these card games. It turns out it was possible and not that hard.

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Retrospectively I realize I should have gone all out and done a Wolverine cosplay for this. Maybe next time.

Remember the good old days when 2016 sucked?

Remember in 2016, somewhere around the summer or maybe even the spring, when everyone realized “damn, this year sucks”? Saying that 2016 sucked became a bit of a meme (and a T-shirt). By December, posts decrying the year were everywhere on social media. A quick search of the people I follow on Twitter yields dozens of posts, and I remember seeing myriad Tumblr posts about it too.

How cute we all were back then!

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This is a redo of a photo from the old blog. Back then I had a much smaller phone and night mode didn't exist.

Media Are Plural vows to spell doom for doomscrolling

Let’s be honest: It usually sucks to use social media. There are (far too many) advertisements that know too much, famous people posting bad takes, endless flows of negativity, and often using it straight up stresses us out. The process of consuming negative or upsetting content despite the effects doing so is having on your mental health is called doomscrolling. The term got popular early in the pandemic, but neither it nor the practice has gone away. I’ve certainly done it. I keep doing it. It seems like most of us do. But I realized this blog gives me an opportunity to do something about it. I’m going to try to be an antidote to doomscrolling.

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