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About Us

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Yes, Pat drew this microphone

Media Are Plural is a blog where Pat Reddick writes about arts, technology and culture. Topics vary widely from post to post, but every post is about media (conveniently, almost everything is media).

Media are Plural started in 2012 as a radio show, broadcast through the facilities of Trent Radio in Peterborough, Ont. In 2016, when Pat moved from Peterborough to Toronto, he kept the idea alive as a blog until well into 2017.

Then life got in the way. Working full-time in media leaves little time to keep up a blog, so Pat let Media Are Plural become the sort of abandoned Internet relic that, frankly, would make a fitting topic of discussion on the site. That is, until the bill for domain hosting services came in.

Three years later, no one had taken the domain name and Pat had a little more time on his hands, so he brought the site back. He even got a three-year deal on web hosting, so this baby’s gunna be online til 2023 at least!

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